Is Politics Creeping Under the Sheets

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September 25, 2017
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Is Politics Creeping Under the Sheets

Politics has been at the forefront of nearly everyone’s mind lately, with protest gatherings on both sides across our country.

Typically, when couples go to bed they are sheltered from the political barrage of news, but they may not be as insulated in the bedroom as they once thought.

Pillow talk between spouses and lovers is not often political, but with news of tumultuous politics seeming more and more inescapable, we can’t help but wonder how it is affecting us in our most intimate and cherished relationships.

In working with hundreds of couples to sort through their relational tensions, ranging from simple misunderstandings to more heavy disagreements like whether or not NFL players should “take a knee,” or whether or not the rich should pay taxes I have seen that the impact of the political and cultural arena is causing enormous stress on couples and families.

I see couples who rampantly blame and attack one another, however that anger is typically not expressed to get to a deeper truth. It is used instead as a weapon to hurt, defend, undermine and create distance. Still, some couples believe that this type of verbal abuse is “being honest.” This kind of stress can then exacerbate current issues that are going on in the relationship.

It’s true. Relationships are hard enough without dealing with constant low-level stress. Few couples in our culture understand how to work with the powerful energy that marriage inevitably brings forth.

In order to create a passionate and fulfilling marriage/relationship, couples must have tools to navigate the terrain of emotional tension and negativity when it arises.

Because marriage has the capacity to rock our emotional foundation, it can offer us an amazing chance to understand our inner landscape.

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