Congratulations … if you are reading this you have probably decided to seek help for your relationship.
And often it is a difficult decision.

What you have stumbled upon is a magical, proven effective, relational process that can move you and you partner in a much kinder direction when you are stuck in an unhappy spiraling of arguing, defensiveness, or just ordinary terrible listening. The idea behind the therapy that I offer couples is rooted in basic common sense: it is near impossible to begin to solve your problems if the energy between you and your partner feels polluted and dangerous. If partners are unable to make connection with each other in a way that feels genuine, there are virtually no words that can fix what's wrong. Whether those words are expressed directly or not, forceful or compliant; the continued experience of feeling unheard, unseen and unappreciated leads to rage. There is a special power in assisting couples transform unproductive, mean or just plain crummy interactions into moments of connection. This is the real arena--how the two of you are treating each other in the moment. Contact me for an initial consultation or sign up for my workshop.

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One of the biggest challenges many couples face today is their inability to move past the past. Couples are working with thinking patterns that reinforce old pain, resentments and hurt feelings. They are frustrated because their expectations are not being met, or they compare their relationship to their friends which ultimately to feel as though their relationship is falling short. Partner think that things are supposed to be happening in their relationship and are not happening, and they find themselves in the middle of complications and entanglements characterized by behaviors like criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, blaming, aggression and withdrawal. Instead of succumbing to debilitating conflicts, negative patterns and emotional turmoil, sign up for my e-Book and learn a new radical, revolutionary, non-traditional, view on love and how to unlock and dissolve old patterns that injure and damage your relationship. You will discover:
  • How to layer by layer, step by step move away from knee-jerk reactivity into deliberate conscious actions.
  • How you contribute to the relational "nightmare" and how to change it.
  • How expand your emotional social script and experience a deeper bond and connection.
  • How your childhood coping mechanisms are running your relationship and how to regain your power.
  • How the way you communicate is creating the distance between you.

Here's more. Most relationship struggles can be dissolved in a matter of minutes with gentle, effective guidance, the right tools and a willingness to grow together.


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