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Congratulations … if you are reading this you have probably decided to seek help for your relationship. And often it is a difficult decision.

Imago Providence Couples Academy (IPCA) was founded in January 2013 and is dedicated to helping couples create an extraordinary + fulfilling + creative relationships. Our vision is the creation of a relational world.  We offer a variety of programs in the art and science of flourishing and connection of couples, based in the Relational Paradigm that has the view of human beings as essentially “wired” to be in connection. Our work is also based the integration of theoretical, philosophical, neurobiological and psychological principles and it combines many relational modalities including Imago Relationship Therapy.

“Through the “THOU” a person becomes “I.” The “I” of  human beings cannot develop without fellow human beings and the world around it. The “I” comes into existence always through experience and relation.” ~Martin Buber

Couples Private Intensives

The couple private intensive sessions will change your life forever. It’s that simple! The intensive sessions are proven effective in helping couples unlock and dissolve patterns and dynamics that injure and damage their relationship. During the intensives partners learn how to work with these patterns and dynamics in a conscious way, i.e., the moment these behaviors and dynamics are activated.  With my gentle guidance, support and a breakthrough process called Memory Reconsolidation, both partners are able to override habitual attitudes, perceptions and opinions—and become conscious and accountable for their own roles in the situation; which allows them to see what is really going on between them. Incorporating the latest breakthrough in Relational Neurobiology, I don’t rely on luck, intuition, or speculation for helping couples facilitate deep and liberating shifts. The intensives offer partners the opportunity to learn and internalize concrete, practical relational skills which enables them to objectively know themselves and engage with each other from a place of clarity, power and humility.

Partners come to understand what causes the blow-ups, the shutdowns and the emotional nightmare they have been living in, and connect with each other in a way that isn’t compromised by hidden resentments or unfinished business. You become more alert to what is going on inside your body, as opposed to operating almost exclusively from your head and leave with a well-practiced formula for making up after conflict or misunderstandings in a way that deepens your shared love, trust, and sense of safety. The 1/2 day,  One, Two, and Three day intensives are effective because we have the time we need to get to the root of the issue. One day with me and your relationship is changed forever! While each intensive is unique they are designed and customized for couples struggling, couples in distress, couples healing from the aftermath of an affair, couples in crisis or for couples who want a happier, more peaceful life together.

The intensive therapy sessions are cathartic + healing, strategic, forward moving, experiential, non-traditional and practical. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. I guide you in a way that honors your soul, encourages your heart, inspires your mind, reignite passion and heal past issues at the root.

Click to watch a video of me discussing the process of my private intensive session.

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The experiential work transforms at the level of both individual and couples’ relationship. If you are looking for a skilled marriage counselor, I would love to help you in an intensive session or workshop.

Correction *Next Couples Workshop:  Saturday, April 15th, 2017 


Who Comes to a Workshop?

The workshops are designed for the general public and intended for those who are married, engaged, or in a committed primary relationship.

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