My therapist referred me to an Imagotherapist. We found Paula. We had been struggling for years. The intensive session was exhausting and what we like about Paula is the way she lead us to communicate using “sentence starters.” When this happened it revealed things that I felt but wasn’t actually able to say on my own. Me (the guy) I didn’t know where I was going but I feel so much better that I go things out and felt safe to say it. ~Sam & Heather, Massachussetts

“Thank you Paula for the kind words and detailed follow-up. After our intensive it felt a little empty without your presence. There is not question you have positively imprinted our lives by opening our eyes to a new way of thinking and healing. We are both thankful for your wisdom, guidance and teaching. We are doing our first visit without you this evening. Hope we stay in touch. Our lives are enriched by having met you. ~Heidy & Russ

“Thank you so much Paula for all of your help. Your passion for couples is profound and it shines through in our sessions. We don’t know what we would have done without you.” ~Bristol, Rhode Island

“Paula is unbelievable. She has impeccable timing with her responses as she worked with us. She helped me to be inquisitive instead of judgmental. When I listened to my wife the “tell me more” during the Visit helped me to delay the judgement so that my wife could give me more information, then the information could come out with out me pushing and getting anxious.” Peter & Mark, ~Provincetown, Mass.

“Before we found Paula we cancelled our wedding because we couldn’t get on the same page communication wise. We needed help. We signed up for coaching wondering if it would help. We found it. We were surprised by how thing changed between us. We left the program being able to communicate and really listen to each other. The wedding is back on!” ~Pat & Chris N. Kingstown

“Paula took our relationship to a whole new level that was deep and rich; an experience that above all the disagreements and arguments reminds us of what is true. Continued experiences such as these have helped us live our truth more as a couple. To remember these experiences during emotionally charged moments is a habit well worth practicing because it has meant more joy, empathy and love between us, and those around us. We are grateful for Paula’s gift to facilitate such love.” ~Lindsay & Louis, Providence East Side

“The structure of the “visit” helped me to express myself in a way that felt low risk, I mean, I wasn’t scared to talk about what was in me. Then I could hear what my wife was saying rather than assuming. Paula is the best therapist/coach we’ve had and we have had a lot of them. She’s awesome and Imago is awesome!” ~North Smithfield

“If your marriage is in trouble I recommend Paula. We went to so many therapists but Paula is HIGHLY gifted. Her presence and gentleness will help you to feel safe to speak up. I didn’t realize how much I held back but Paula helped me to say things in a honest and loving way to my husband. Let Paula help you save your relationship.” ~Ted & Mai, New Hampshire

“I have difficulty expressing myself, I ruminate and it stays in my head. This process gave us some tools that really helped us.” ~ Newport, Rhode Island

“When we found Paula we had lost all hope. This process was life-changing for us. I was able to see my responsibility in the relationship that I play a part. Paula is compassionate and she helped us to really communicate what was in our heart. She is so gifted. We recommend her to any coupling who feel like there is not hope.” ~New York City

“We are newly engaged and expecting a baby boy! Things couldn’t be any better! We are so happy and have grown together in a way that I just can’t find words to explain! Thank you so much for coaching us!!!” Ty & Erika, North Providence, Rhode Island

“The way Paula works with affairs was not what we expected. The idea of making amends after an affair was new and different for us. I was able to get out things that normally would not come out.” ~Warwick, Rhode Island

“After working with Paula our energy switched, we felt more connected and loving. I felt so much more hopeful. I felt that we will be able to do this, to be able to be heard. I felt heard for the first time in a long time. Paula, you are awesome!” ~Heather & Dani, Boston, Mass.

“Paula helped us to understand how the commitment between two people works with an open mind. It’s like a dance. Paula was patient with us. Now we understand our reactions better.” ~Kingston, Rhode Island

Paula we were glad you were available. We wondered what we were going to do all day, the time went by. I’m taking with me the deep devotion between my wife and I, love and connection and we feel one another. I see my messiness …my upbringing and how it played out in my adult relationship. I knew it subconsciously, but I saw it … we both saw it. I like the way you described the bridge, the space and the encounter. I have a better appreciation for my husband and where his desire for perfection comes from and how my emotional issues position me to be more available to my husband. ~Rhode Island, Healing After an Affair

My husband and I saw Paula because there was multiple affairs.  It was hard at first because I had so many resentments toward him. I could not trust and we weren’t sure we going to go.  We walked in scared and I left knowing for the first time that my husband loved me. I felt it. My husband learned that he was doing to me exactly what his stepfather was doing to his mother and I was judgmental like my mother toward him. We knew it but we didn’t know it like this before this session.  I saw my part in the affair and that it started a long time ago, but I just kept being resentful and not talking to him. I didn’t let him in …I was not letting him be the man; that was my part. We would not have been able to see all of this if it wasn’t for Paula’s patience and kindness through the process. We can be models for our son. We are taking a vacation together for the first time in our 11 year marriage.  Thank you very much Paula. ~ Warwick, Rhode Island

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