Relational Couples Private Intensive Therapy

Have you ever been in couples therapy before and felt like you were just getting started when the therapist said “time is up.” This can be incredibly frustrating, particularly during the beginning stages of therapy when the therapist is getting to know you, your background, and identifying core issues. Now multiply that by two. It seems like it takes forever before you see any change. Couples Intensives alleviates this because we allot the necessary time to see all aspects of the issue AND provide real direction, skills and concrete, practical tools for getting your relationship back on track.

Intensives  will help couples unlock and dissolve old patterns and dynamics that injure and damage their relationship in a conscious way, i.e., the moment these behaviors and dynamics are activated.  With my gentle guidance and support both partners are coached to override habitual attitudes, defenses, projections, perceptions and opinions—and become conscious and accountable for their own role and behavior in the situation, which allows them to see what is actually going on between them.

The intensive sessions offer partners the opportunity to learn how to generate and receive feelings from each other; understand the root causes of their blow-ups, (it’s not what you think) and make a connection with your partner in a way that is real and authentic and isn’t compromised by hidden resentments or unfinished business. Partners become more alert to what is going on inside the body/emotions, as opposed to operating exclusively from your mind. Intensives allow partners to internalize a well-practiced formula for making up after conflict or misunderstandings in a way that deepens your shared love, trust, and sense of safety.

The length of Intensives are as follows:

  1. The 1/2 Day = 4 hours 
  2. One-Day 
  3. Two-Day 
  4. Three-Day  

Each intensive is uniquely designed and created for couples struggling, couples in distress, couples healing from the aftermath of an affair, couples contemplating divorce, couples in crisis and couples who want to deepen an already happy and harmonious relationship together.

I guide partners in a way that honors your soul, encourages your heart, inspires your mind, reignite passion and heal chronic old issues at the root.

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♥ A Special Event for Couples – TBA

I hope you can join me for a fusion session “The Couples Pilgrimage: Receiving a Renewed Sense of Love. During this amazing event I am combining information that I cover in workshops and the couples intensives.  Couples have the opportunity to embrace the miracle of connection and practice of core relational skills.