Imago Couples Workshop November 18, 2017

These days creating a magnificent and exceptional relationship can be a real challenge. Hardly a day goes by without being confronted by at least one minor disagreement.

So, let’s go back for a moment to the beginning of your love story. Remember when the two of you met?¬† What was the dream? The dream of who the two of you could become … together? The dream for the family? The dream for your life?

These are the questions that create the foundation of this workshop.

The “Art and Power of Connection” is an introduction to a fun and promising seminar for couples who want to explore another way of enhancing their relationship.

Participate in the workshop and discover a new sense of the sacred space between¬† you and your partner … new communication skills for cleansing the tension in that space … greater compassion for your partner’s story … new tools for turning conflicts into opportunities for growth, healing and understanding … a new desire for releasing your joy together … and an expansion of your capacity to dream together your highest dreams.

Transformation is possible for all relationships … those just beginning and filled with new connections, new love and new dreams … those becoming routine, filled with love and commitment and longing for the way it used to feel … and those at the breaking point, filled with pain, conflict, confusion, despair, and little or no hope for the dreams.

This Educational experience includes short lectures, movie clips, music, and opportunities for private reflection and sharing with your partner. Your experience will be a safe and personal one. You are never required to share personal information.

The Art and Power of Connection, an Imago-based Seminar for Couples will help you begin to form real connection, undo years of mistrust and take you on a new and more positive path that can allow you to fall in love again.

Workshop Location, Date & Time

The workshop will be held at the Hope Artiste Village 1005 Main St. Suite 1208 Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The cost is $350 per couple. The workshop is on Saturday, November 18, 2017, at 11:00am – 4:00pm. You can make your reservation by calling 401-782-7899 and I can help you over the phone or you can click the secure button below.

  • Registration for 2 people
  • Materials
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Dr. Paula M. Smith, is a Certified IMAGO Therapist, Couple Transformationist, Published Author, Marriage Scholar, speaker and former adjunct professor. Paula has been married for 10 years. She and her partner Yael co-Founded IMAGO Providence, in Providence Rhode Island where we offer private intensive sessions, therapy, workshops, training and education for couples and individuals. Paula is a clinical member of American Association of Marriage Family Therapist, Member of the American Psychological Association, Imago Relationships International, Rhode Island Association Marriage Family Therapist. She was a featured speaker at the Harvard Faculty Club and Harvard Medical School where she presented IMAGO Relationship Theory and Practices. Click here to read more about Paula.