Initial Consultation

 All new couples begin with the 2-hour initial consult. I rarely take a full history because, in my experience, it biases the couple and my goal for couples is that they leave the session with a different experience and renewed sense of hope and confidence in themselves and in their relationship. Sometimes when couples get into discussing the problems that can take over the session.

That said, it’s important during our time together that couples are ready to put aside the old habits of blaming, criticizing, venting, and arguing long enough to learn something new … to learn about “relational couples therapy.” One of the biggest challenges for couples in this process is shifting away from talking about the problems, and giving their attention INWARD, rather than using LOGIC and explaining away issues related to problems. (Which in any case, doesn’t actually solve the problem). In relational couples therapy the client is “your relationship/marriage.” Relational Couple Therapy addresses individual issues as they play out in the patterns and dynamics between the two of you–and the ways in which they become destructive, trapping you both.

This NEW experiential, non-traditional, emotional-mind-body process is a relational journey that will invite you to loosen the grip when your knee-jerk instinct is to be reactive, defend, close off, withdraw or go numb, … and instead feel into and “listen” to each other, rather than analyze, diagnose, interpret, judge and hurl opinions about each other that have been playing over and over in your mind. This session typically lasts 2 – 2 1/2 hours and cost $195.00. Not covered by insurances.