Initial Consultation

The goal of the initial session is for couples to have a different experience of their relationship and themselves, and to leave with a renewed sense of hope and confidence for the future.

Many couples already feel defeated because they have not lived up to the “happily ever after” myth that permeates our society.  They are hurt, frustrated and disappointed. Yet most couples tell me that they want things to be different and to feel closer to each other.

I see myself as a guide and teacher who is nonjudgmental and unconditionally understanding.

I guide couples to shift their relationship in a direction that is life-giving and filled with possibilities. This means going beyond explanations, blame, judgments, and criticism and into a dimension beyond right and wrong. 

One important aspect of relational couples therapy is that all pathology (depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.) is relational and the source of all difficulties is a ruptured connection that is recreated over and over in adult intimate relationships. Therefore, our focus is on learning new relational skills and principles that deeply transform how they see each other and facilitate discovery and celebration of their “Heroic Journey” together. Couples genuinely meet each other within the context of a conscious dialogical process. This dialogical process creates the magic, excitement, wonder, and curiosity that restore their connection, liberating their energy so that they are able to reach their fullest potential as a couple.

This NEW experiential, non-traditional, holistic, integrative mind-body process is a journey that transcends the usual, inviting partners to  feel into and “listen wholeheartedly” to each other as they become a safe haven and a healing balm for each other.  This initial consult typically lasts 2 – 2 1/2 hours and cost $250.00.

*** Relational couples therapy is not covered by insurances because it doesn’t respond to parameters of managed care and is therefore not reimbursable by insurance companies.