Healing and Personal Growth

Why join a Personal Growth?

Personal Growth group is a powerful way to learn new “cutting-edge” relationship skills and try on new behaviors without harming relationships that are significant to you. The group is like a “relational laboratory” where you can learn and get support while making these important changes in your life.

What is a Personal Growth Group?

A Personal Growth group is a small therapy group (usually 4 – 8 individuals) who meet together weekly with one or two therapists to work through relational issues that lead to psychological symptoms or dissatisfaction in relationships. The personal growth group is designed for recovering and non-recovering participants.

Sometimes the groups are psycho-educational and sometimes they are gender specific. Personal Growth groups can help participants unravel their stories, but also heal and transform in a safe and supportive environment. The healing enables them to change.

Each group session last 2 hours and can meet for either 6, 8 10 or 12 weeks. Advanced Personal Growth groups can meet for 6 months to a 1 year.

What are the Reasons to Join a Personal Growth Group?

People who join a Personal Growth groups usually want to be able to relate better with others and to feel better about themselves. The value, the safety and the opportunity to use the group to help support them reach their relational goal. People in these groups may struggle with issues such as:

  • Often feeling angry, frustrated, or dissatisfied in relationships
  • Having difficulty trusting others
  • Struggling to forge close (or meaningful) relationships
  • Feeling that they often have to please others
  • Struggling to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs directly
  • Being controlling (or easily controlled) in relationships
  • Feeling that their relationships are shallow
  • Experiencing anxiety in social situations
  • Frequently experiencing loneliness
  • Manipulating others to get their needs met
  • Having trouble with self-esteem

What are Some of the Benefits?

#1 Personal Growth – 

Personal growth is about growing … personally.

#2 Learn how to pay attention to your experiences in the here-and-now.

Often we have thoughts and feelings that are outside our awareness and they guide our behavior(s). Taking time to notice what we are thinking and feeling in the context of the group provides the opportunity to better understand how these subtle aspects of our experience relate to events from our past and have an impact on our relationships.

#3 Observe how you communicate non-verbally.

Communication always takes place on two levels; verbally: the words we say and their associated meanings and non-verbal, our facial expressions, hand gestures, and tone of voice. Noticing what we communicate non-verbally heightens our awareness of what we are feeling and the messages we are sending to others.

#4 Maintain an attitude of curiosity about your behavior.

Curiosity about how we relate with other group members encourages exploration about the relationships we create with others and, in turn, opens our awareness to alternative ways of connecting that are more healthy.

#5 Making statements about your experience.

Making “I” statements serves to keep us reporting on their own internal processes which is important to effective group work and in personal relationships.

I offer 6-week and 8-week Personal Growth groups & Women’s Groups. The cost is $40 per/session (negotiable) and participants must commit to all sessions. If you believe you could benefit from a Personal Growth group feel free to contact me at 401-782-7899 or email: imagopaula@gmail.com to discuss further details.

**Insight is great and most certainly important in relationships, but insight alone will not help you change behavior in relationships. Unless we learn to do something different in relationships, we never get through the difficulties we already have …  and move beyond what we learn in our family of origin. Personal Growth group is an opportunity to learn about “who you are” in relationships.